T Labs is a realization of ideas of a group of  Doctors and Engineers to empower resource limited setups of developing countries with affordable, yet smarter alternatives .

Developed worlds have privilege to enjoy benefits of smart solutions for manufacturing industry, laboratory testing, disease diagnosis and treatment, and for educational purposes! Most of them are as expensive - as advanced and reliable they are. But there exist alternatives - cheaper and still reliable, and we find them only if we dare to seek those alternatives.

Here at T Labs, We have many projects , researches and hacks in practice -following the ethical standards, and this portal Shares them all.

Dr. Muhammad Tauseef Omer
Clinical Fellow Neonatology
Fellow Paediatric Medicine (F.C.P.S)

M.B.,B.S. (King Edward Medical University)
PGPN (Child Nutrition, Boston University, USA)
B.Sc (University of the Punjab)
Young Investigator Award (Pakistan Paediatric Association)

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