Oxygen Bag

All the connectors/tubings required to use the bag are included in the package.

42 Liter Capacity
Made of PVC Material
Durable and Long Lasting

Oxygen Bag may be filled from oxygen source such as Oxygen Flow Meter in your hospital. It can also be connected to Oxygen Concentrator. Do not open the flow meter at flow rates higher than 4L/min. Rapid inflation could damage the bag. There should be no fires near oxygen sources in hospital. Follow the standard precautions and safety guidelines of your hospital related to oxygen.

Usage Video:

Instructions to use oxygen bag:
1.  A small plastic connector (included in package)  from Drip Set is connected to the blue tubing of the oxygen bag.

2. The connector from drip set is attached to end of oxygen bag tubing.

Open the lock to fill the bag.

3. Tubing of nasal cannula is cut into two halves(included).

4. The cut end of the tubing may be connected to the oxygen bag as below:

5. Connect the other end of the tubing to the O2 flow meter .

6. Open the flow meter at maximum 4L/min, and when the bag is almost filled, decrease the flow rate to 2L/min and then to 1 L/min. Do not over inflate the bag as it can burst or puncture.

7. Once the bag is almost filled (not too much taut), stop Oxygen flow from flow meter.

8.  Close the lock. 

9. Oxygen bag may then be connected to tubing of nasal cannula (after cutting the tubing as previously), or to AMBU bag/face mask using the same tubing used for filling the bag.

10. Open the lock of the bag, place your arm over the bag so as to compress it, to give a steady flow of oxygen. If arm is not placed, oxygen bag will not empty and there will be no flow of oxygen.

Advantages of Using Oxygen bag over Oxygen Cylinder :
1. Oxygen bag is light weight and is, therefore, easy to carry. Trolley is also not required.
2. Oxygen bag can be filled and refilled from ordinary oxygen sources such as oxygen flow meter in any hospital.
3. The oxygen volume  in the bag can be judged according to the inflation of the bag.

Warnings/Safety Instruction:
1. Oxygen promotes combustion, if the bag is leaky or damaged, do not use it as it could start a fire.
2. Keep The bag away from sparks, fire, etc.
3. Do not over inflate the bag as it could cause the bag to burst/puncture.
4. Do not let the bag come in contact with pointed objects.
5. Do not repair the bag if damaged.

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